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How long will it take to finish the bathroom remodeling?

Start and end times are incredibly important for any construction project. There are several stages for bathroom remodeling Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, and surrounding areas. As the area’s most trusted bathroom remodel contractor, we begin with design and fixture selection, where you select how you would like the final product to look.

Then, the actual construction efforts can begin. The length of time that this takes will depend primarily on the complexity of the remodel, but typically varies between 2-4 weeks. Along with your quoted price, you will receive a construction timeline for the remodeling process.

Rest assured, your bathroom remodel will be done as quickly as possible while still maintaining an exemplary standard of quality.

Do I need a permit for bathroom remodeling in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles & surrounding areas?

As your trusted bathroom remodel contractor, Skyline Construction takes care of any necessary permits that may be necessary during the bathroom remodeling process. To find out what you need, call us for an assessment and thorough remodeling quote.

Can I still use my bathroom while it is being remodeled?

You want to give workers as much space as you possibly can, and it’s important to stay clear of the bathroom during the remodeling process.

This helps establish a good baseline of safety for you, the workers, and the bathroom.

There will also be points in the  remodeling process that may leave the certain aspects of the bathroom temporarily unusable. If you only have the one bathroom that is being remodeled, you may want to enlist the help of a neighbor during this process.

Will the new bathroom fit my style?

We work with all of our customers to get the final result they are looking for. Our specialty is coordinating with customers in order to bring their vision to life.

You can choose to create your own custom design or rely on us for suggestions. In either case, our professional insight will make sure that the project is executed properly. As your extensive bathroom remodel contractor, our designers can work with any existing style or help you create an entirely new look.

The bathroom is not done until you are satisfied.

Can I choose any fixtures I want for the bathroom?

Absolutely! If it exists, we can get it for you and install it.

If you are looking for handcrafted custom fixtures, that is also something we can assist you with. No matter what you are looking for in terms of bathroom fixtures, we have the connections to get you the exact products you desire.

The price and time required for fixtures will vary, but we have the patience and resources to get you what you need.

Do I need to hire someone else to get the flooring redone?

Skyline Construction will take care of every part of the bathroom remodeling process, regardless of if you’re located in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, Oak Park, Tarzana, Culver City, or other surrounding areas.

This includes flooring. One of the most important parts of a bathroom remodel is getting the right type of flooring. No matter if you are looking for; tile, hardwood, or even carpeting, we have you covered.

Do you take care of plumbing?

Yes. If the project requires plumbing changes or additions, we have all of the necessary personnel to make those adjustments. We will not leave your new bathroom without all the necessary running water and water pressure.

Does it matter how extensive my bathroom remodel is?

No. We are your full bathroom remodel contractor and will gladly remodel any bathroom, no matter how extensive.

Skyline Construction and Remodeling can take on all of your remodeling needs, no matter how much work must be done. We offer full redesigns, a variety of optional styles, and professional installation; no matter the size and scope of the project.

How much does bathroom remodeling in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles & surrounding areas cost?

All estimates are based on the scope of the particular project. Quoted prices are guaranteed to be the price you pay. In the case of unforeseen complications or preferred changes, quotes may need to be adjusted.

But in these rare instances, the customer’s approval is always required before the price is updated. No matter what the price ends up being, you can be sure that it is fair and pays for the best service possible.

Can you do the electrical work for the bathroom?

Yes. We provide full bathroom remodeling in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, and surrounding areas and this includes all electrical work. Electrical work in bathrooms is extremely important.

We can take care of all of it. If you are looking to install new electrical sockets, incorporate new electrical appliances, add more lights, etc., we have the skills necessary to make it happen.

Who will paint my new bathroom?

Skyline Construction will take care of the painting as well as help with the paint selection. Just choose the color and/or style, and we will paint the bathroom with the same level of professional quality as all other services we offer our customers.

Does it matter how old my bathroom is?

With older home designs, modernizing the form and functionality of the bathroom can be more complicated, but Skyline Construction is up to any task. Any issues will be assessed and can be included in your estimate.

Do I need a separate company for glass work?

There is no need to hire multiple contractors for each part of the bathroom remodel.

When you choose Skyline Construction as your contractor for bathroom remodeling in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, and other LA or Ventura Counties, you are getting a construction company that does it all.

When it comes to mirrors, glass walls, or glass enclosures, we can get the exact size, shape, and style that you want. Forget the hassle of remodeling your bathroom in steps, we will provide you with your dream bathroom!


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