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Rick D.

These folks at Skyline saved my house!

Those of you who have read all my reviews know I used to live in an apartment complex in Woodland Hills. I have since been blessed to be able to buy my own home In the Woodland Hills area in 2015. I wanted to do some renovations to my wonderful 1980s tutor revival townhome since you could imagine what the kitchen and bathrooms looked like circa 30 years ago. After many bad starts with some awful contractors I was referred to Eric at Skyline. And wow, what a great person this guy is. Not just someone you hire but someone you become friends with. His guys did a great job on fixing all the problems the previous contractor created. High marks to his really creative and super conscientious electricians. They were so knowledgeable and careful with everything as were his tile guys. The painters were really nice guys and so careful with everything and double checking the colors and paint types. Just excellent people. But the pièce de résistance goes to his carpenters. The kitchen cabinets these guys custom made are beyond beautiful. I'm trying to post some pictures but not sure how to on Yelp (updated: I added some pictures to my profile. Check them out). I now have a beautiful kitchen. Highly recommend you contact Eric at Skyline and give them your business. Trust me, I've been through the contractor hell and these folks at Skyline saved my house!