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Kitchen Remodeling in Los Angeles & Woodland Hills

Skyline Construction and Remodeling offers the highest quality kitchen remodeling in Los Angeles, Woodland Hills, and all surrounding areas.

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a home, and our specialized experts can help you create your perfect kitchen.

As a full home remodeling contractor, our skilled planners, designers, and architects ensure every step of the remodeling process is handled to perfection.

Still have questions about our Woodland Hills or Los Angeles kitchen remodeling services? Check out our FAQ below!

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Will someone be able to help me with the designs for my kitchen remodel?

We sure will. We have the professional designing insights to help you make difficult decisions, as well as industry knowledge that allows us to propose potential remodeling ideas.

In the planning stages, the vision has a lot to do with practicality and budget. We can work around the financial constraints of any customer.

Skyline Construction helps you get a kitchen that you are extremely happy with for a price you can afford.

How do I prepare my kitchen for the remodeling process?

Our team manages all aspects of preparation for kitchen remodeling Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, and surrounding areas.

There is nothing for you to worry about.

After you have decided on the specifics of your kitchen remodel, all you have to do is leave the work to the professionals.

Rest assured knowing that you are in the care of experienced contractors who specialize in remodeling.

How much will it cost for kitchen remodeling in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles & surrounding areas?

A kitchen remodel in Los Angeles & Southern California can be as simple as cabinet painting, which injects new life into the room through vibrant color. It can take the form of updating existing appliances, refurbishing of cabinets or replacement.

In most cases, you may want to change the entire kitchen. Because of the variety of the potential work, it is impossible to give an exact price without more information. Contact us now for an estimate on your kitchen remodel.

Do I need a permit to remodel my kitchen?

Kitchen remodeling in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, and surrounding areas always requires a permit. However, this is not something that the customer needs to deal with.

We take care of all of the paperwork involved in bringing your dream kitchen to life. Waiting on permits can take time, but these factors will be anticipated in project proposals, along with estimated pricing.

You will be aware of the work that we will perform, the cost, and the time it will take before moving on from the design stage.

Do you take care of plumbing?

Yes. If the project requires plumbing changes or additions, we have all of the necessary personnel to make those adjustments. We will not leave your new bathroom without all the necessary running water and water pressure.

Will I be able to use the kitchen and appliances during the remodeling process?

For safety, as well as practical reasons, a full kitchen remodel means that the kitchen is not accessible during the remodeling process. After you hire a kitchen remodel contractor, your kitchen becomes a construction site.

Issues with dust complicate the use of the kitchen space for food preparation and eating. We will seal the area around the kitchen so other parts of your home will be minimally affected. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot cook in your home at all.

Food can be heated on grills, in microwaves, or even hot plates, and can help staging a temporary kitchenette in another room while the remodel is going on. Sinks in other rooms can also be used for washing. Skyline Construction will work with you to make sure the remodeling process goes as smoothly as possible, regardless of your location.

In some cases, clients may simply find it more comfortable to remain outside of the home for the duration of the remodeling project. This is often the case for families with young children. We’ll do our best to work with you to come up with a low-impact schedule to get you back home fast.

Who is responsible for cleaning after your kitchen remodel?

By hiring us as your kitchen remodeling contractor, Skyline Construction takes full responsibility for clean up after a job.

Thanks to the level of professional excellence we execute every job with, cleanup is fast, efficient, and leaves your new kitchen spotless.

Through meticulous steps during the construction preparation process, our team contains any and all mess to the kitchen. When we leave, we take the mess with us.

Can I choose any fixtures I want for the kitchen?

Yes, you may choose any fixtures that you would like for your remodeling project in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, Oak Park, Tarzana, Culver City, and all surrounding areas.

Your imagination and your budget is the only possible limitation. Whether it is something from in a catalog or a product that needs to be custom made, we can get it and take care of installation. It is best to make these choices before construction begins so that ordering or fabrication scheduling does not hold up the rest of the remodeling schedule.

We can help with decision making as well as generate ideas that will fit your new kitchen plan.

How long does kitchen remodeling take?

The average time it takes for a kitchen remodel is three to five weeks, not including time for planning and design. However, every kitchen remodel is unique, because every customer is different.

Your project could take a shorter amount of time, or longer depending on the complexity of the required work. The time it takes for design varies more due to the time it will take to gather specific fixtures, and even decide on a final design.

Bear in mind that more advanced kitchen remodels may take longer. Switching out faucets and cupboard doors may take just a day or two, while removing and replacing a floor and all cupboards typically takes much longer. Regardless of your needs, we’ll always keep you informed and involved.

Does it matter how old my bathroom is?

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