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Converting a garage into a living space isn’t always just a simple task for the average do-it-yourself fan. An experienced Skyline Construction and Remodeling expert will anticipate any hassles at city hall, ensuring that your remodeling plans are drawn according to the local zoning codes and that all necessary permits are approved as a matter of course before your accessory dwelling unit or garage conversion in Woodland Hills and Los Angeles.

Having a legal conversion may depend on the size of your property and the actual location of the garage within its boundaries. Minimum setbacks from the property line are also a consideration, as well as distances from sewer lines, and water and power supplies.

Luckily, Skyline Construction and Remodeling has completed over 200 conversions across Los Angeles and Ventura County. Our dedicated team of architects, builders and planners ensure that every conversion project is perfect for your family’s needs.

Do you need a garage conversion? We can help.

Do you need a standalone mother-in-law apartment? We can do that too.

Still have questions about our accessory dwelling units and garage conversions? Check out the questions below!

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Why should I convert my garage to a living space?

The best reason to convert your garage into a living space, or to add an accessory dwelling unit in Los Angeles is to simple: to enjoy a more spacious home!

Our clients come to us for ADU’s and conversions for a variety of reasons: they’re expecting a new baby, they have an elderly relative moving in, they want to rent out an apartment suite, or they want to create an office or shop.

Whatever your reason for seeking a garage conversion in Woodland Hills or Los Angeles, we’re here for you. Rest assured; we’ll always help you to achieve your goals.

What about building a mother-in-law apartment or accessory dwelling unit into my garage?

Mother-in-law apartments are a fantastic way to add on living space for relatives, teens, or even friends. These accessory dwelling units in Los Angeles provide you with more room for any of your needs.

We can help you come up with a plan to build onto your current garage or convert it from a garage to an apartment.

Conversions always take into consideration the size and shape of your garage. Depending on the style of your home, you may or may not need to look at pairing your conversion with a room addition.

Skyline Construction and Remodeling can help you reclaim the space and create a new room all at the same time.

Do I need a permit for conversions and ADU’s in Los Angeles and surrounding areas?

In most cases, yes. A garage conversion Woodland Hills or Los Angeles project can be extensive and may demand water lines, electrical installations, or gas lines. Even as empty rooms, they are still extensive enough that most areas of California require homeowners to seek permits before they start the work.

The good news is that Skyline Construction handles this entire process for you from start to finish. We start by identifying exactly which permits you need; then, we apply for them on your behalf. Our experts monitor the process at every step to ensure you’re always on the right side of the law.

Seeking permits also ensures you feel confident about the work we do. Skyline Construction adheres to all local codes and laws, no matter how big or small the project. As your garage conversion Woodland Hills contractor, you can be sure we’ll get it done right.

What about converting space into a garage?

Need help with converting a room into a garage? Skyline Construction and Remodeling can help with a reverse garage conversion in Woodland Hills, too. When you just aren’t using that front room or want to add on a brand new garage, call us. We’ll create an assessment and plan to make it happen.

How long does garage conversion take?

Every project is different. Generally, the bigger the garage conversion or accessory dwelling unit project, the more time will be needed to complete it.

For a single-car garage, we may complete the project in one week or less. For larger garages or complex building scenarios, the build may demand as much as a month.

Concerned about time frames? Don’t worry – we’ll always let you know exactly how long your project will take before we start. If we run into snags, you’ll be the first to know. Our experts are highly efficient workers who always stay ahead of the pack!

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