Ready for your new kitchen?

It’s time to renovate your kitchen, but you don’t know where to start? There’s so much to think about, evaluate, and plan. It’s easy to get lost. Here is a general overview of some Skyline Construction suggested steps that you can follow.

1. Gather Ideas and Thoughts

Think about what you’re looking to accomplish and what you would like to include in your kitchen renovation plans. Check out our online projects photos, and call us to set up a meeting with one of our expert team members.

2. Establish a Budget

With the advice of our representative, determine how much you want to spend on your kitchen remodel, and choose the design that fits you best.

3. Applying for Permits

Skyline Construction will assist with applying for the necessary permits, and make sure to do so in a timely manner. We will determine  how much time is needed both to obtain the initial permit and to request inspection appointments along the way. These timeframes will directly impact when your project can be completed.

4. Prepare Your Home

Prepare your home for the start of the kitchen project. This may require moving furniture inside of your home, clearing out space in your driveway or yard. Skyline Construction will assist with sectioning/sealing off certain areas of the home, to minimize the impact of the project on your family’s daily routine.

5. Execute & Monitor

Once construction has begun, monitor the progress and feel free to ask our representative any question that comes to mind. Together, we will transform your dream kitchen into reality.

6. Add Finishing Touches

Once your Kitchen remodel project is completed, you can get back to furnishing and restocking your kitchen and finally, sit back and enjoy your newly renovated space!

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