Should You Remodel Or Move? Which Is Right For You?

There are many reasons why you may need to remodel or move to a new house. Here are the pros and cons of each decision, and why remodeling may be more beneficial in the long run.

Are you bored with the way your homes looks? Maybe you have recently added a new family member to your home has become cozier than you would like it to be? These are just a few of the reasons homeowners decide to either remodel or move.

The cost of moving compared to the cost of remodeling can be drastically different.

Buying a new home comes with many different costs including; a large down payment, lawyer’s fees, and closing fees. On the other hand, the money you spend on remodeling your home will be a direct investment in your property.

Remodeling your home can even give you some tax benefits.

But should you remodel or move? How do you know which is right for you?

Below you will find some more reasons why you should consider home remodeling as a good alternative to moving. Each of these ideas will help turn your old home back into the house you have always dreamed of owning.

5 Considerations When Deciding to Remodel or Move:

Financial Considerations of Renovation | Skyline Construction and Remodeling

Before you determine whether you should remodel or move, there are a couple of things you should keep in mind.

  1. How are the windows?
  2. Is your kitchen outdated?
  3. Have you simply outgrown the amount of space and need addition room?
  4. Do you even use your garage?
  5. Is your bathroom old and outdated?

These five questions will help you to determine whether you can simply remodel your home into your dream home, or if you need to move.

1. Windows

Window Replacement | Skyline Construction and Remodeling

If you have not replaced your windows for 20 years, you are losing out. Older less efficient windows cause air leakage, which can have a real impact on your electricity bill.

Having your windows replaced by a professional contractor will help seal up your home and save you some money with energy costs.

New windows will also improve the inside environment of your home, making it a comfortable place to live without having to move.

Additionally, installing new windows can add value to your property.

While the upfront cost of replacing your windows may cause you to dip into your savings, the overall value of your home will rise.

Regardless of if you choose to remodel or move, putting in new windows is a smart investment.

As you already know, the greater the value of your home the more you can get for it if you do decide to sell later down the road.

2. Kitchen Options

Kitchen Remodeling and Re-Tiling | Skyline Construction and Remodeling

When choosing to remodel or move, it’s important to look at the kitchen.

The kitchen is known as the heart of the home. This is the area of the home that brings family members together.

Having a nice place to cook and enjoy meals with your family is really important.

Sadly, many older homes have outdated kitchens that are not very appealing and people avoid them as a result.

If your home was built in the 70’s or 80’s, the color patterns might not match with your modern lifestyle.

To bring your kitchen up to speed you may need to do a major overhaul, which can require a lot of work for a number of reasons, such as replacing the cabinets, flooring, sinks, countertops, and backsplashes.

Regardless of if you choose to remodel or move, it’s important to have a nice kitchen that people are drawn to.

3. Additional Room

Should You Remodel or Move? | Skyline Construction and Remodeling

If your family has grown or you would like to build yourself a home office, a kids room, or anything else, you should consider expanding your home. You can choose to expand by choosing to remodel or move to find more space.

Rather than having to move to find this space, you can actually opt for room additions.

There are many benefits of adding an additional room.  Not only will you have more room to move around in, the increase in square footage will bring up the value of your home.

Home additions are much cheaper than moving, so if you would like to save money and stay in your current home this is the perfect solution.

Adding a fourth bedroom will give that extra member of your family a room all their own and perhaps give your older children more privacy.

Another home addition that everyone can appreciate is an extra bathroom.

Putting in an additional bathroom will cut down on arguments and help the family get ready faster in the mornings. If you are worried about finding extra space for an additional bathroom, don’t worry because a professional contractor can always fit one in.

4. Unnecessary Garage Space

Garage Conversion Options | Skyline Construction and Remodeling

If the issue is that you need more space for your family, there is another option: a garage conversion.

Have you always wanted a special place for your family to gather and spend quality time together? Do you have a garage that you really don’t use in the first place?

If you do, then why not turn it into a family room? An empty garage is the perfect place for a family room, because of its size and location next to the home.

Converting your garage into a family room will give you a place to enjoy movies, play games, read books and much more!

This will allow you to turn a space that you don’t currently use, into a room that everyone can have fun in. Having your own oasis inside your home will make you want to never leave and you may even forget about the prospect of moving.

5. Bathroom Options

Bathroom Remodeling and Countertops | Skyline Construction and Remodeling

Last but certainly not least, consider breathing some life into your bathroom if you are choosing whether to remodel or move.

If one or more of your bathrooms has not been updated in the last 10 to 20 years, its time for a change.

Outdated bathrooms will not only turn family members off, but they can also be embarrassing when you have guests over.

There are many signs that will tell you when it’s time to remodel your bathroom.  As stated above, if your bathroom is dated, then you probably need to replace everything including your sink, shower, bathtub, flooring, and tile. But not all bathroom remodels are undertaken for beauty reasons.

If your bathroom has leaking pipes, a toilet that doesn’t flush properly or a sink that won’t drain, you also may need to consider a remodel.

Having a well-functioning bathroom can make life easier. Not having to worry about the toilet flushing or those leaky pipes causing water damage inside the walls, will give you real peace of mind.

Remodeling your bathroom is a major project and it’s not something you want to try to handle alone.

Plumbing and other issues can be very complicated and should only be handled by a professional. By hiring a contractor to do the work for you, it will take a lot of stress off your shoulders.


You may need to decide whether you should remodel or move at some point. As you can see there are many reasons why remodeling your home instead of moving just makes sense.

Not only will you be able to save money, you will be able to stay in the home you first fell in love with so many years ago. S

o before you make any drastic moves, why not consider spending some time remodeling your home?