Renovation and Remodeling: What Is The Difference?

Renovation and remodeling may sound similar to many people, but when it comes to design and build professionals, these are two different words that are used interchangeably.

You must understand their significant meaning for you to know well what you want to do with your home.

It helps in determining whether you want new construction, room addition, bathroom remodels, kitchen remodels, etc.

Many first-time building owners have the issue of understanding the meaning of the two words, “remodeling” and “renovation.”

Worry not!

You need to ask yourself why the difference matters. Knowing the difference helps you in planning your project initially from the start since you’ll know exactly what needs to be done to finish it.

Here, we will look at the different meaning of renovation and remodeling.

It will help you in deciding which is the right one for you.


This involves changing an entire building or room.

It can either be the shape, appearance, or even the structure.

It means that a remodel works by transforming or improving an existing layout or design of a room or building.

Remodeling implies that the walls are moved, the structure of the space changes or the flow of the building is completely changed.

Which means that it’s a more involved process as compared to renovation, and it’s what most build professionals employ if they want to bring back life into any room space, be it your home or office.

Some examples of remodeling services include:

  • —- Gutting, removing, or even adding walls.
  • —- Adding plumbing/electricals.
  • —- Raising ceilings.
  • —- Expanding the square footage of a room or building.
  • —- Combining rooms or changing the layout of a room.
  • —- Remodeling is not limited to the kitchen, bathroom, and a full home remodel.

These projects require a lot of work, and so before choosing to remodel as your option, you must consider project cost estimation to ensure you have the adequate budget necessary to see the project through.

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Renovation can merely be defined as the process of renewing a structure or the overall building.

That’s by actually fixing something that already exists or adding new components.

Renovating a room or building is to make it somehow better or new again.

In most cases, renovation is much cheaper than a remodel, but it all depends on the scope of the project.

It goes hand in hand with restoration, bringing out a more modern build than before. Some words that are considered as to be used for renovation efforts include revive, repair, restore, and refresh.

Some examples of renovation services include:

  • —- New construction.
  • —- Interior and exterior painting.
  • —- Fixing broken windows or doors.

Renovation mostly involves cosmetic improvements or upgrade of existing structures or buildings with the aim of adding value to your home as well as the space attractiveness.

What’s the Difference Between Renovation and Remodeling?

As we have noted, remodeling is changing or transforming an entire room while renovation entails fixing a place to enhance its attractiveness or to add its value.  H

ere, you’ll find some factors to consider that portray the significant differences between the two.

1. Time

Remodeling takes a lot of time since it requires planning and construction which can take up to three months and more.

While renovation may include some few cosmetic touch-ups, it takes less time as compared to a full home remodel.

However, some renovations can take a lot of time while some remodels can take less time.

It all depends on the scope of the project involved.

2. Price

In most cases, a remodel will always cost more than a renovation because it requires complex construction that involves electrical as well as plumbing work.

In some states, you’ll need a permit for a full remodeling project, and for sure you’ll cough up some additional dollars.

On the other hand, renovations need less capital and time to bring back life to an old room or office.

3. Customization Options

Renovations are for homeowners or builders who want to add functional elements or want a modern appearance to a room or building, while remodeling changes the entire functionality.

For renovations, you can add features to an existing room or building without altering the structure.

A remodel calls for a transformation of the space especially when you go for a complete remodel.

4. Project Scope

Remodels projects focus on changing the functionality of a room while renovations concentrate mainly on enhancing the appearance.

So, when cosmetic changes from renovations are not ideal for you, then you might consider choosing a full home remodel.

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Which Is Right for You?

Choosing between the two depends on personal preference and lifestyle. Some factors can influence homeowners or builders on which method of construction to adopt, if not both.

They include:

  • —- Budget: A whole home remodel costs more than a renovation. So, if you don’t have enough capital for a complete remodel, then you can stick to renovation. Always go for the option that’s affordable to you and comes with fewer hassles.
  • —- Amount of change: You need to ask yourself, how much do I want to change? Do you need only some minor changes or a complete transformation? If you’re going to improve appearance and functionality, then you can choose renovation. However, if you want to completely change a room so that you can’t even recognize it, then you need to do a complete remodel.
  • —- Room Design: Both renovation and remodeling transform the feel and look of a room to make it lively. However, if you want to change the design or the layout completely, then a remodel will do.


It’s now clear about the differences, and similarities, that arise between renovation and remodeling, and you can smoothly go for the option that suits your needs as well as fits your budget.

Once you’re aware of the type of project that is best for you, start making plans for your room or building.

Sometimes, your project will include a bit of both.

—– For example, if you choose to remodel your kitchen, you may transform the space by turning your kitchen into an open floor plan and adding an island, which would be a kitchen remodel.

—– You may also opt to keep your existing cabinets, and just add glass or paint them, which classifies as renovation.

If you’re still not satisfied, then you can always consult a construction company and remodel contractor near you.

We offer both remodeling and renovation services and can help you turn your vision into reality.