Top 5 ADU House Plans

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Additional dwelling units offer a variety of benefits. They are separate living spaces that can be built on existing properties, providing additional living space or rental income. ADUs can be constructed anywhere and are often built on old buildings and houses to increase their capacity and value. They provide a completely new and separate portion for living. Build an ADU and add beauty, flexibility, and value to your property. Explore our top 5 ADU house plans.

Here is the list of the top 5 ADU plans for homes.

1) Cute Cottage House Plan

If you are looking for an additional dwelling unit to build in a spacious place, you will love the idea of the cute cottage, which includes a living room and an open kitchen. The bay areas are perfect for these small cottages. Moreover, the small and airy kitchen opens directly into the living room, giving it aesthetic vibes.

2) Small Cabin House Plan

For those looking for ADU plans suitable for a small vacation or getaway, the Cabin House plan is for them. Additionally, this cabin plan has everything you need for a holiday or vacation. It consists of two or three bedrooms, a full kitchen, and a living room for family gatherings.

Moreover, one of the benefits of this plan is that you can build it in a small area in your backyard. Cabin houses are simple and stylish, yet elegant. The laid-back design is modern and energizing. When the weather is nice, the porches in the front and back of the house provide plenty of space to enjoy the outdoors.

3) Contemporary House Plan

This is a modern house plan that is both modest and chic. The living room, which is open to the tiny kitchen, also serves as a bedroom. This design offers plenty of space for essentials, including two storage closets and a pantry. The dining room has a balcony that is great for relaxing after a hard day.

4) Country-Style House Plan

You need a country-style house plan if you are anticipating more apartments with garages. Usually, it has space for two or more cars. There is also a storage area beneath the staircase for bicycles, gardening tools, and holiday decorations.

The country-style garage house plan also provides extra space for anything else you might need it for, giving the best of both worlds. This area could be used as a home office, hobby space, or guest apartment because it has a stove, a full bathroom, and a small kitchen.

5) 800-square-foot additional dwelling unit home plan

It is possible to construct 800-square-foot ADUs in the houses located in the Bay Area.

This 3-bedroom, 800-square-foot house plan has a front porch that is 11′ wide and 7′ 3″ deep, giving it a rustic feel. Natural light floods the open-concept living room and kitchen. Three large bedrooms with large closets share a hall bath.

Moreover, this ADU house plan includes a walk-in shower and a full bathroom upstairs. Along with this, it possesses a spacious loft area overlooking the living room, which could also be used as an additional bedroom.

How do I construct additional dwelling units?

To construct additional dwelling units, you will need to consult with a professional architect or contractor who specializes in ADU construction. They will be able to assess your property and provide guidance on the necessary permits, zoning regulations, and design considerations. Additionally, it is important to consider factors such as budget, utilities, and any specific requirements or restrictions in your area that may impact the construction process.

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To construct additional dwelling units, follow these steps:

A) Layout the ADU first.

Before building additional dwelling units, design their layout or structure. Hire professionals to ensure proper construction and avoid mistakes.

B) Get pre-approval for a loan.

Obtain preapproval for a loan before designing the ADU. This ensures sufficient funding for the project.

C) Get local authorities to approve the design.

Before starting the project, obtain design approval from local authorities to ensure compliance with regulations.

D) Make sure your finances are in order.

Create a budget and ensure you have enough funds for the project.

E) Get bids from builders and choose one.

Gather offers from builders and select a contractor who can effectively communicate and work within your budget.

Final Words

It is crucial to know the best ADU house plans that is suitable for your home. ADUs offer numerous benefits, including increased property value, potential rental income, and the flexibility to create a separate living space. This article includes the top 5 additional dwelling unit plans for the building of ADUs, providing options for cute cottages, small cabins, contemporary houses, country-style houses, and 800-square-foot ADU plans. By considering these plans and following the steps for construction, you can enhance your property and create additional living space.


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