5 Possible Ways of Adding a Room to a Small House

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We understand the unique challenges of organizing space in a small house. Adding a new room to the existing house for growing family members is much more inexpensive compared to building an ADU. There are several cost-effective approaches to adding a room to a small house, all without the anxiety of major structural changes. Eric Saida brings you 5 possible ways of adding a room to a small house.

Room Addition Permit Requirements

Before starting any room addition project, it is important to check with your local building department for the necessary permits and requirements. These may include submitting detailed plans, obtaining a building permit, and ensuring compliance with zoning regulations. It is crucial to follow these guidelines to ensure that your room addition is legal and safe. Additionally, hiring a professional contractor like Skyline Construction Company can help navigate through the complex permit process and ensure that all requirements are met.

1. Garage and Basement Room Addition

Building a room addition to an existing house, such as a garage or basement, is one of the simplest ways to expand a small house. You can use the extra space as a guest room, a family room, or a home gym. Since your residence already has a basic framework, a garage room addition or basement room addition does not require a big budget. It may not even require the family to move out while the work is underway.

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Skyline Construction will plan out the fabrication, plumbing, and electrical work, as well as the insulation. And you get to choose the paint.

2. Bump-out room addition

Making the most of the little space in a compact house is essential. Bump-out room additions are often very small scaled compared to full room additions. It involves extending the existing room, such as the kitchen, living room, or a bedroom. The roof and the walls, including the floor, move out just a few feet to create that extra space for an additional bunker bed or study table area.

Select furniture with several uses when utilizing bump-out room additions. Opt for sofa beds, foldable desks, or ottomans with hidden storage. These space-saving solutions not only add functionality but also help maintain a clutter-free environment in your home. Furthermore, it is also a very cost-effective technique.

3. Sunroom or Enclosed Patio

One of my favorite way of adding a room to a small house is by building a sunroom or enclosed patio on the deck or viranda. In most of the projects where Sunroom was finalized, we chose large glass panels to enclose the area to make it a room where the owners can relax and enjoy the weather. Thoughtfully placed windows and cozy furnishings elevate the atmosphere, imparting a sense of spaciousness to your home. This is a great way to construct a room addition to the front of the house.

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4. Loft conversions and vertical expansions

If there is space available between the boundary wall and the constructed house, you can add a new room to create more space. Make sure you adhere to the legal requirements on minimum setbacks (space between the boundary wall and the constructed house). But if that solution does not work for you, then here are other ways to add a room to a small house.

A more aggressive approach is loft conversion or vertical expansion. In most cases, both of these additions are on the 1st floor or the roof. Common loft conversions include creating bedrooms, home offices, or additional living spaces in the underutilized attic area.

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Vertical expansions refer to increasing the height or number of floors in a building. This approach is often undertaken when there are limitations on horizontal expansion due to a minimum setback limit from property boundaries or zoning regulations.

Both loft conversions and vertical expansions are popular options for homeowners looking to add square footage without expanding the building’s footprint horizontally. Make sure you consult with Skyline Construction for any regulations or permits that need to be adhered to before planning the expansion.

5. Prefabricated Room Addition

Prefabricated room additions are another option for homeowners seeking to increase their living space. These additions are pre-built off-site and then transported to the property for installation. There are many manufacturers in the Bay Area for such installations. Skyline Construction and Remodeling Contractor can get you the best quote on the market. All you have to decide are the dimensions of the addition and the place where it will be installed. Consulting with Skyline Construction can help ensure that all necessary permits and regulations are met for a successful and compliant expansion project.

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Final Words

Adding a room to a small house doesn’t need to be costly. By trying out these five clever strategies discussed here, you can make your living space feel more open and functional. For estimating the average remodel cost per square foot, contact Skyline Construction, a room addition contractor los angeles.

Our team of skilled experts is committed to coming up with creative solutions that meet your demands and is aware of the special difficulties that come with working in a limited space. We have the know-how to turn your little property into a cozy and roomy retreat, from choosing multipurpose furniture to completing elaborate loft conversions. Allow us to be your dependable partner in building the house of your dreams, rather than trying to handle the difficulties of adding a room on your own.


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