6 Things You Should Never Overlook In A Remodeling Project

Remodeling your home is a major investment of time and money; and you obviously want to end up with the best result possible. That’s why it’s important to take your time and thoroughly plan out your remodeling project, taking care to avoid skipping over important aspects of your home that may benefit (or need) attention.

Several areas seem to be skipped over most often, such as windows, cabinet knobs, and lighting. It can be fun to research the many options when it comes to replacing these items, so it’s worth considering them for an upgrade.

There are several other details that are often overlooked that are not necessarily items to be replaced, and those are making sure you choose appliances first–so you can build the rest of the room around them–and making sure you stay within your budget. The latter is probably the most difficult!

Consider these several items when planning your remodeling project so you can make a few underappreciated items a priority.

The 6 Most Overlooked Details of a Remodeling Project

During a remodeling project, there are many details you must plan, and it may be easy to forget some aspects of a remodel.

Some of the most overlooked details of a remodel include:

  1. Windows
  2. Lighting
  3. Cabinet knobs
  4. Countertops
  5. Choosing appliances first
  6. Correctly planning and budgeting

These details are commonly overlooked, but here’s why you should never neglect these items.

1. Windows

During a home remodeling project, windows may not be high on your list, but they should be–especially if your current windows are old and outdated.

New windows can add a clean, crisp look to any part of the house, first of all.

Additionally, if you go with triple-paned windows, you’ll reap incredible benefits when it comes to energy efficiency. Adding new trip along the inside and outside of each window will also spruce up any room or exterior side of the home.

Windows should definitely be a consideration when completing any project.

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2. Lighting

Many people want to just jump in and replace appliances, cabinets, and flooring without considering what will illuminate all of those new upgrades.

New lighting can make all the difference when it comes to a home renovation.

Older lighting can be dull and not provide the necessary light where you want or need it; that’s why it’s a great idea to consult with an electrician to research the possibilities of adding more fixtures or revamping the ones you do have.

Some great ideas are track lighting and built-in lighting on ceilings. These are low profile ways to get more light without having to install bulky ceiling fan-lighting combinations or having large lamps throughout the room.

3. Cabinet Knobs

The handles on your cabinets may seem like a small and inconsequential detail; but they’re not!

They are an important accent to your kitchen or bathroom, wherever the cabinets in question may be. They can truly make a difference in terms of design and color scheme.

There are hundreds of different styles to choose from; so it’s important to choose one that reflects the style or theme that you’re employing in whatever room you’re remodeling.

4. Countertops

Believe it or not, since most homeowners assume new countertops are cost prohibitive, they’re one of the last things on a home remodel list.

But this doesn’t have to be so; there are many affordable options when it comes to countertops.

First and foremost, make sure your contractor measures precisely when measuring for new countertop slabs. This will save you immense headaches in the future.

Laminate is probably the most affordable option, but quartz, marble, and granite are a little more expensive for a stunning look. They will also be more durable, easier to clean, and longer-lasting than other materials like laminate.

You also don’t necessarily have to replace the entire countertop, if that is cost-prohibitive.

Consider repairing any chips or dents individually or, if you can obtain the exact material of your current countertops, replace sections of it instead of the entire thing.

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5. Choose Appliances First

When doing a home remodel, if you are replacing your appliances, it is important to choose these first.

This is important, practically, because you want to make sure they will fit into your kitchen or bathroom when considering any other structural changes you plan to make.

You’ll also be able to match design colors and patterns to the color of your appliances.

These are some of the largest and most expensive decisions to be made in a home remodeling project, so you should devote plenty of time and attention to them first and foremost.

6. Be Careful With Your Budget

And finally, perhaps the most important thing that shouldn’t be overlooked in a home remodel is your budget.

You should of course outline a budget as closely as possible when you first begin your remodeling project.

Determine what items are a priority and which you’d rather not spend a lot of money on.

Relentlessly stick to this budget throughout the planning process and as you implement the plan if you want to keep your project affordable and reasonable.

It’s also crucial to include a bit of padding in your budget.

If you add a bit of extra funds for things that come up later or any unexpected repairs or purchases, you won’t have to deal with any surprises and will be better prepared to not exceed your budget accidentally.


To conclude, a home remodeling project involves a great deal of time, money, and planning.

In the rush of planning, many important items can be overlooked that can really make all the difference when it comes to making your remodel a success and getting a result that you’ll love.

Remember to consider replacing windows, especially if your home is older. You’ll notice a difference when it comes time to pay your energy bill.

Cabinet knobs, though small, can make a big difference too, in terms of accenting your cabinets in any room of the house.

Countertops are an important part of any room, and you should dedicate plenty of time to researching what type you’re able to afford and would like to install–and don’t discount the idea of simply replacing and repairing old countertops, either.

Most importantly, your budget should receive a great deal of attention in the early stages and throughout your remodeling project. Doing so will help you be prepared to stay on track and avoid any surprises.

Follow these suggestions and you’re sure to have a successful remodeling project!