The Latest Bathroom Trends of 2018 to Beautify Your Space

Your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. It’s where you start your day, and where you retreat to when you need to get away from the world. Luckily, many of the latest bathroom trends are not only affordable, but suitable for every bathroom.

You need a bathroom that’s decorated to suit your needs, and to suit your tastes. With these trends, you can choose the style that best represents you.

It’s time to make your bathroom into a spa-like oasis.

The Latest Bathroom Trends of 2018

It’s often said that the bathroom is the most important room of the house.


It’s where you begin and finish each day and gives you the opportunity to relax and refresh.

Because of this, it’s important to keep up-to-date with the latest bathroom trends to create the perfect resting place for you.

The 9 latest bathroom trends of 2018 include:

  1. Standalone bath tubs
  2. Rose gold accents
  3. Rimless toilets
  4. Wet rooms
  5. Wood accents
  6. Color accents
  7. Patterned tiles
  8. “Lifestyle” bathrooms
  9. “His and Hers” bathrooms

There are many reasons why these ideas are the most popular of 2018, and we discuss each trend below.

1. Luxury Standalone Baths

The centerpiece of any bathroom is going to be your bathtub.

It’s where you relax at the end of a long day, maybe with a book, a glass of wine, and a bath bomb.

A good bath is essential to the look and feel of your bathroom.

You may have already seen standalone baths making a reappearance in modern bathrooms.

They’re luxurious and eye catching, making them the stand out feature of any bathroom they’re placed in, and one of the most popular latest bathroom trends.

You don’t even need a huge bathroom either, as a standalone bath can work in a smaller area.

2. Rose Gold Bathroom Fittings

Rose gold has become a huge hit with consumers, ever since Apple released their rose gold iPhone.

As strange as it sounds, this trend has made its way into your bathroom.

There are rose gold fittings being released every day, so if you love the color, then you’ll be able to incorporate it into your bathroom.

Why not try buying rose gold faucets to fit on your sink?

This gives your bathroom a touch of elegance and class, and you’ll certainly have a bathroom like no other.

3. Rimless Toilets

Cleaning your bathroom is a pain, and you want to make it easier on yourself.

That’s where the rimless toilet comes in.

As the name implies, there’s no rim on the toilet, as there is on a regular one.

That means that there’s nowhere in the toilet for germs to breed!

There’s no rim to clean under, so you can rest assured that your bathroom is as clean as can be.

During bathroom remodeling projects, ask your contractor about rimless toilets.

They’re becoming more popular now, so they’re sure to know where they can get one for you.

Wet Room Bathroom Trend | Skyline Construction and Remodeling

4. Wet Rooms

Wet rooms have been around for a while now, but they’re now becoming one of the latest bathroom trends.

Instead of the small enclosed space they were before, they’re now large and full of light.

This is thanks to the decorative glass panels that enclose them, making them welcoming in any bathroom.

Recessed wall panels are another key feature.

They offer storage and break up the look of the walls, giving them some depth.

5. Wood Accents

One of the latest bathroom trends is including wood accents throughout the room.

Wood accents are increasingly being used in bathrooms, to give them the right look and feel.

Think darker, knottier woods for a rustic feel, or a lighter pine wood for modern, sleek looking bathrooms.

The use of wood accents gives a bathroom the feel you’re looking for.

For example, try using older, reclaimed pieces if you’re going vintage, or include a wooden freestanding storage unit that’s handmade for the space.

The sky really is the limit with wood.

6. Use A Color Accent In Your Bathroom

The trend in recent years has been for monochrome bathrooms, but nowadays a trend for color has started to show up.

When done well, this can add a real brightness and energy to your bathroom that wasn’t there before.

This is perfect if you’re looking to make your bathroom an invigorating place, that’s ready to set you up for the day.

The key to doing this is to use one color, and use it as an accent.

It can show up anywhere you like, such as in the towels, the tiling, or the frame of your bathroom mirror.

Wherever you use it, it can make a serious difference to the look of the room.

Latest Bathroom Trends of 2018 | Skyline Construction and Remodeling

7. Patterned Tiles

When it comes to tiling, patterned tiles are one of the latest bathroom trends to consider.

Thanks to their popularity, you can buy patterned tiles in all kinds of shapes, colors, and sizes.

In fact, it’s going to be hard to narrow down your choices to something you’d like! With so many tiles available, you can create any type of look you want.

A good way of using patterned tiles is to use plain colored tiles on your bathroom walls, and then create a statement floor with your patterned tiles.

This can look amazing even in the smallest bathroom.

8. The Lifestyle Bathroom

There are many people now who see the bathroom as an extension of the living area, rather than a separate room.

This is especially true in the mornings, when multiple people are trying to get ready for the day in one bathroom.

This has lead to the rise of the ‘lifestyle bathroom’, a space where you do more than simply bathe.

To create this look, think about what makes your bathroom comfortable, rather than functional.

Soft furnishings are a must, as are recessed mirrors and open shelving.

9. His And Hers Bathrooms

This is a style that’s becoming more popular in high end hotels, and it’s making its way into your home.

The “His And Hers” bathroom is designed with two people in mind, so they can both use it at once.

Think two sinks next to each other, large amounts of floor space, and double ended baths.

In some cases, his and hers showers are now being made, too.

This is a style you can try if you both use the bathroom at the same time each day.

With a His And Hers bathroom, there’s no more banging on the bathroom door, waiting for the other person to finish it.

It’s luxurious and practical, too.


These are just a few of the latest bathroom trends of 2018 so far.

You can pick and choose from this list, making a bathroom that’s just right for you.

Try a lifestyle bathroom with a patterned tile floor, or rose gold fittings alongside some sleek wood accents. It’s totally up to you.

Talk to your contractor as you develop your new bathroom, and see what they suggest.

They’ll have some great ideas for incorporating new trends into your space.

Happy Remodeling!