How to Create a Beautiful Modern Bathroom Design

Most people spend a great deal of time in their master bathroom; this is where much of the preparation for your day and for a good night’s rest take place. However, a lot of folks may readily admit that they do not have a modern bathroom design. In fact, it may be the room that they dislike the most out of all the rooms in their home.

It’s hard to keep clean, and many are unfortunately outdated, hard to organize, and just unpleasant to look at.

However, considering a remodel for your bathroom can change all of that and open up a world of possibilities when it comes to designing a new bathroom space.

Previously, styles were often very utilitarian in nature. There was minimal regard for the aesthetic appeal and streamlined style of a bathroom.

The modern trend is to make your bathroom your very own luxury haven, a spa of sorts.

If you’re considering bathroom remodeling, take into consideration the following ideas as to how to create a beautiful modern bathroom design that will make the room one of your new favorites.

How to Renovate

Before you begin knocking out any fixtures or tearing up flooring, you’re going to want to consider what direction you want your new bathroom design to go.

Decide on what sorts of styles, colors, fixtures, and themes you’ll want to incorporate into this room.

A good question to ask yourself in the planning stage is what do you want this room to be for you and your family? Cozy? Clean? Minimalist? Following a particular theme or color scheme?

Determine what qualities or feelings you want your bathroom to evoke.

This will help you decide what features, colors, styles, and fixtures to employ in your new renovation.

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A Few Modern Bathroom Design Ideas

The materials, colors, and fixtures you use will make your bathroom the boring room or the luxurious personal spa that it is.

So, its important to take into consideration what will work best for the vision you’re trying to put into action.

Consider these several ideas to create a beautiful modern bathroom design:


1. Use tile well:

A modern bathroom design makes good use of tile, and not just for the floors. Use different types of geometric shapes and don’t be afraid to mix different styles and colors.

For example, for a very clean and streamlined look, consider large, hexagonal tiles for the floor, but smaller square ones for the shower walls or backsplash.

This can give the room a clean, almost industrial look.

2. Earth tones: 

Don’t underestimate the attractiveness of earth tones!

While some folks may want to go crazy with bold cool and warm colors, don’t skip over the earth tones like beige, brown, black, gray and similar colors just because you think they’re boring and limited.

On the contrary, the right combination can make a bathroom feel very warm and inviting.

Consider a black and white color scheme for a clean, uniform space. Or, go with a beige and bronze theme for a warm, inviting atmosphere.

3. Take advantage of natural light:

Natural light makes any room more comfortable and impressive.

If you’re bathroom is conducive to large windows, take advantage of those.

You could even add glass blocks to allow natural light in without having to add window treatments like drapes. This makes the space cleaner and the windows less bulky while maintaining privacy.

4. Minimalism:

Minimalism is a growing trend when it comes to modern bathroom design.

This doesn’t mean using as little as possible with as little cohesion as possible. Rather, it means avoiding loud designs in exchange for simple lines and simple tones. It doesn’t mean the styles and colors of a bathroom don’t work together.

For this, consider simple sink basins and low profile sink fixtures, condensed vanities with simple rimmed mirrors, and few decorative objects like plants or soap dishes to achieve a minimalist look.

5. Use metals for a classy look:

Employ brass, stainless steel, bronze, or silver metallic fixtures and accents to bring a classier look to your bathroom.

This doesn’t just go for your sink fixtures; you can also include these materials in the shower rim and fixtures, mirrors, and light treatments.

6. Wood accents:

Wood cabinets–or at least wood accents on cabinets of other materials–can make a room feel warmer than if marble is used throughout the entire room.

Oak is a particularly nice wood to use for this. It can be finished in a variety of shades to match the other tones in the room.

Wood panels can also make a statement when used on walls or ceilings in a bathroom.

7. Glass shower doors:

Using shower doors that are all glass, with no extra framing, can not only make the room appear larger, but can also draw attention to the tile used within the shower.

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A Few Tech Options

Aside from the design aspects, you can a modern bathroom design in a more literal sense by employing several different types of up and coming technology in the room.

Having a flat screen television in the bathroom is actually quite common at this point, but there are many options beyond that. These include heated floors, and in-shower speakers that can be connected to a device like an iPhone.

Another growing trend is the concept of the “Smart Shower”. The user can program with his or her desired water temperature, providing the optimal environment for comfort and luxury.


Once you decide to renovate your bathroom, you have many decisions to make to bring your modern bathroom design to life.

Some of the most important center around what sort of environment you want to create with your new bathroom. Consider unique style choices that will bring cohesion to the entire room.

Employ a unique combination of tiles, natural light, wood patterns, glass doors, earth tones, and other options in a way that creates an inviting space.

At that point, you’re ready to move on to putting your plan into action. Incorporate beautiful styles, colors, textures, and fixtures to create your new favorite room of the house.


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