How to Create the Perfect Spa Like Bathroom

After a long day at work or play, there’s nothing quite as relaxing as a hot shower or warm bath. But dingy paint, disorganized countertops, and boring bath tubs and showers can make doing so just another chore rather than giving you the ability to experience and enjoy your spa like bathroom that it could be.

Giving your bathroom a remodel so that it’s like your own personal spa is really not as difficult as one might think. It just requires some forethought when it comes to organization, color ideas, and some well-placed products that will help create an especially relaxing environment that you won’t want to leave at the end of the day.

What Do You Need to Create a Spa Like Bathroom?

Creating a peaceful bathroom gives you the space that you need to pamper yourself and calm down after dealing with daily stressors.

Everyone enjoys going to the spa; there, you can take deep breaths, relax your muscles, and clear your head. But, what makes a bathroom spa like?

To create a relaxing space, you don’t need to spend a lot of money or buy the newest technological gadgets; you just need to consider these 7 ideas.

  1. Organization
  2. Calming Earth Tones
  3. Light Dimmers
  4. A Bathtub
  5. Using Warming Tools
  6. Peaceful Sound
  7. Aromatherapy

With these 7 ideas, you can create a spa like bathroom where you can relax and unwind after a long day.

1. Organize Your Essentials

Having a spa like bathroom starts with doing something about the clutter that seems to inevitably plague most bathrooms. You won’t be able to relax and enjoy the space if toothbrushes and toothpaste are constantly scattered across your countertops.

Employ some smart storage ideas like baskets or plastic tubs underneath the sink, in cabinets, or closets.

Doing so will give you more counter space for other items that will contribute to a relaxing atmosphere, which will be discussed below.

Spa Like Bathroom Ideas for Your Bathroom Remodel | Skyline Construction and Remodeling

2. Earth Tones

The colors you choose for not only paint but also fixtures, towels, and lighting can also make your bathroom easy on the eyes.

Consider using primarily earth tones as these evoke a relaxing atmosphere, rather than bright, loud colors. Such earth tones would include shades of beige, brown, white, gray, and subdued greens and blues.

3. Light dimmers

Nothing creates a relaxed mood in a room like dimming the lights.

Consider adding lights that can be dimmed with a dimmer switch; this will enable you to turn the lights up all the way when you need full light. But you’ll also be able to dim them when you want a bit more of a calming aura in the room.

4. Consider Installing a Bathtub

If your bathroom doesn’t already have a bathtub, you’ll definitely want to consider installing one. A bathtub creates a relaxing spa like bathroom atmosphere that a shower just can’t.

Bathtubs can be bought and installed for reasonable prices, and there’s so much you can do design-wise once you’ve added a tub.

For example, consider placing it near a window (with frosted glass) to take advantage of natural lighting. You can also add wood accents to the outside of a tub.

Even small bathrooms can benefit from a bathtub. Consider a bathtub traditional to Japan; these are small but deeper than usual bathtubs, so when bathing in this tub your whole body can be submerged.

And, of course, you’ll need a tub tray to go with any bathtub that you install or already have in your bathroom. This is a tray that fits squarely over the top of your tub, so you can place items like candles, books, wash cloths, or even a glass of wine on it while bathing.

It keeps them within reach but also safe from water damage, and it’s just another way to add a touch of luxury to your bathroom.

Relaxing Bathroom Space With Aromatherapy | Skyline Construction and Remodeling

5. Create a Warm Environment

There are numerous small additions that can add to the comfort and luxury of your spa like bathroom. One such example is installing heated floors; heated floors are made warm by heating coils underneath the tile.

The difference is definitely noticeable when walking upon heated floors barefoot; and this can make your bathroom even more like a spa when you step out of the shower onto a warm and toasty tile floor.

Similarly, towel heaters are becoming more and more popular. These can be either built-in, such as a drawer or rack, or they can be purchased as round tubs that are plugged into the wall.

Either way, they have the incredibly comfortable effect of heating your towels before you reach for them after a shower or bath.

6. Don’t Forget Sound

Music can not only create a unique ambiance,  but it can also make a space more your own as you can play tracks that you personally enjoy.

Your spa like bathroom is no exception when it comes to music.

More and more options are becoming available for bathroom sound systems. You may want surround sound installed in the ceilings or by discreet stereos throughout the room; or you may choose to install these in the shower or tub area.

Either option gives you the opportunity to play relaxation tracks, classical music, or whatever music you need to create the ideal luxury atmosphere.


7. Aromatherapy  

Don’t let just any old scented candle take up the important role of aromatherapy in your bathroom. There are many more, and better, options than a plain, store-bought candle.

If you trust yourself with open flames, then look for candles that are a bit higher quality and made with natural scents like lavender or vanilla. Avoid anything too brash but, like your earth tones, choose a natural, earthy scent.

If you don’t want to run the risk of tipping over an open flame, you may want to invest in an essential oil diffuser. These come in many aesthetically pleasing designs and can be plugged into the wall. Try using oils like lavender, lemon, or cedar wood for unique aromas that will contribute even more to the spa-like qualities of your bathroom.


Creating a spa like bathroom isn’t difficult and it doesn’t have to be incredibly expensive, either.

Start by getting creative with your storage space so you can avoid clutter on countertops and other bathroom surfaces.

Employ earth tones and dimmer lighting, and consider installing a bathtub to provide you with the ideal spot for relaxation.

Towel warmers and heated floors can contribute to making the space warm and inviting, and appealing to your sense of sound and smell with stereo speakers and essential oil scents will make this ideal room complete.

Regardless of which aspects you prioritize, employing even just a few of these suggestions will help you create the spa like bathroom that you’ve longed for after a long day at work.