4 Reasons You Should Avoid DIY Remodeling

Congratulations – you’ve decided that your home needs, in some capacity, a remodeling job! This in itself is half the battle. At this point you may be trying to decide whether to hire a contractor for your project, or whether you’ll do-it-yourself with DIY remodeling.

Though DIY remodeling projects seem to be all the rage and claim to save time and money, think again before busting out your tool belt and hard hat for your own home remodeling project.

Why Should You Avoid DIY Remodeling?

There are actually several reasons why it’s a better idea to hire a contractor rather than complete DIY remodeling projects. Consider the following reasons; your wallet, your home, and your family will thank you!

1. When You Don’t Actually Save Money:

Many folks say that DIY remodeling projects save money. But this assumes that you know exactly what you’re doing and what you need to buy, you can get it at a reasonable price, and know where to find it for a good price.

Most homeowners just don’t have this knowledge.

Contractors, however, may be able to get work materials for a better price just because they are contractors. You’ll have to buy all your materials retail, but your contractor can buy materials in bulk or by taking advantage of a contractor discount.

These savings will definitely be noticeable and passed on to your own costs. You’ll also end up spending a great deal of money if you make mistakes and need to finance a repair project, or redo the project altogether.

2. To Save Effort:

Remodeling projects obviously require a great deal of effort.

You must plan the remodel, buy your materials, and hope to complete the project with no problems.

These projects require tools and materials, which will take you time and money to acquire, but you also may have to learn or teach yourself how to use certain tools or how to complete certain remodeling processes.

If you’re a pro at tiling and have experience, then perhaps a DIY remodeling project wouldn’t be a big deal. But most people aren’t well-versed in DIY remodeling techniques, and its faster and easier to have a professional do it.

3. To Save Time:

Depending on the size of your remodeling project, it will undoubtedly take you quite a bit of time. Assuming you have a full time or even a part time job, this is likely time that you don’t have or is precious, or time that you’d much rather spend doing other things.

Some projects simply cannot be completed in one weekend in order to be completed well, and you have to factor in the general interruptions of everyday life if you plan to complete the project yourself.

Letting a contractor do the work will ensure that the project is completed in a timely manner.

4. Contractors May Give You a Better Result:

You might know vaguely how to do a DIY remodeling job, but you don’t spend all day and all week perfecting the craft–contractors, however, do!

They have significantly more skill and knowledge to bring to a project than you do and will, therefore, be able to deliver a much better result.

Projects That Should Always Be Left to Contractors

Some smaller home remodeling projects may be acceptable for the average do-it-yourselfer; however, some remodeling projects should always, always be left to the professionals not only for the sake of ease and quality, but also safety.

1. Installing things like cabinets, flooring, and countertops. These are crucial parts of your home that you’ll use every single day. Making a mistake can cost you dearly both in time and money. Further, mistakes can be dangerous in some cases when it comes to projects like this.

2. Plumbing and electricity: These are two other crucial areas that can result in damaging leaks and flooding, or even electric shock, if done incorrectly; it’s worth spending money on the pro’s!

3. Putting in or taking out walls or room additions: Building codes must be followed, and structural considerations are best taken care of by those who are experienced in the field.

DIY Remodeling Projects to Avoid | Skyline Construction and Remodeling

How to Hire a Contractor

Hiring a contractor can be a stressful event; so consider a few tips for finding a great one to complete your home remodel.

1. Consult with family and friends, especially those who have recently had a remodeling job done that you particularly like. Consider their insight.

2. Do word-of-mouth and online research to come up with a list of possible contractors. Come up with a list of questions specific to your project and how they would complete it.

3. Narrow down your list and meet with the final options face to face. This is someone who will have a LOT of responsibility in your home, as well as be there for quite a bit of time, so you want to make sure you get along well.

4. Consider whether the contractor you’ve chosen is recognized by professional organizations. Read reviews online.

5. Create your remodeling plan and gather quotes; weigh the facts of quality and cost and choose your contractor!


Deciding to make major changes in your home can be an intimidating prospect. It can be even more intimidating if you are planning to do the bulk of the work yourself with DIY remodeling projects.

That’s why it’s an excellent idea to let the professionals do the dirty and difficult work on your remodeling project.

Hiring a contractor can save you time, in that you won’t have to spend weekends and weeknights slaving away on your project, nor will you have to spend hours learning how to use a tool or complete a project. It’ll also save you money because you won’t have to pay to repair mistakes. Further, you’ll likely get a better result because contractors are very skilled in what they do!

Remember that some jobs absolutely require a contractor for the sake of safety and quality. And when it comes time to hire a contractor, consider your options, be sure to ask lots of questions, and get to know them as well as you can before you turn them loose on your remodeling project.

Taking the time to hire a great contractor rather than doing home remodeling projects yourself will not only save time and headaches, but will ensure your home will undergo a beautiful transformation by the time the project is completed, as well!


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