7 Beautiful Home Addition Ideas to Create More Space

The longer you live in a home, the more space you will need. To create this space, here are 7 inspiring home addition ideas.

When you moved into your home it was perfect, but now it’s becoming more cramped. You need some more space, but you don’t want to move house again.

The great thing is, you don’t have to.

The Best Home Addition Ideas to Increase Square Footage

With the right type of room addition, you’ll breathe new life into your home, as well as creating more space.

Here’s 7 home addition ideas if you’re looking to create more room in your home for your family.

1. Garage Conversions

In an ideal world, you would use your garage as intended, for storing your car.

As it stands though, it’s more likely your garage is full of junk, unloved items and other things that are just taking up space.

If you’re not going to keep your car in it, why not actually use that space for something useful?

There’s all kinds of ways you can use that garage to add a new room to your house. If your garage is attached to your house, you really should consider it.

— You could convert your garage into an office for when you work from home, or a playroom for your children.

— You could even make it an extra living room, so your kids have somewhere to play games and entertain your friends.

It’s not too difficult to convert a garage into a new room, so you should look into it.

2. Bathroom Additions

Bathroom additions are super common when it comes to home improvement.

If your family is growing, you’ll find an extra bathroom to be a godsend.

If you only have one bathroom right now and you spend most mornings banging on the door for other family members to get out, then you have to consider a bathroom addition.

What’s even better about bathroom additions is that they add a lot of value onto your home.

Adding a new bathroom can net you an extra 20% onto the value of your home.

If you’re looking to sell your home in the future, this could be the investment to make on it now.

3. Bedroom Additions

Along with bathroom additions, bedrooms are another common and useful addition to your home.

They’re often preferable when your family is growing, but you don’t want to move. After all, apart from the lack of bedrooms, the home is perfect for you.

Rather than going through the whole process of viewing and buying a home, you can just improve the one you have.

Adding that new room will be a process.

You’ll have to remember all the things that come along with adding a bedroom to your home.

You’ll need to connect up the:


— HVAC system

— Plumbing

It’s a big job, but it’s very much worth it in the long run.

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4. Living Room Addition

The heart of your home is the living room, which is why this is one of the most popular home addition ideas that we see.

It’s where you relax at the end of the day, and where you entertain when you have friends at your home.

It needs to be just the right size so everyone is comfortable when they’re taking time out there.

If you’re finding that it just isn’t as big as you need it to be, it’s time to build a living room addition.

Building your own living room means you can design it to fit your own needs.

— You can create space so you can fit a large corner sofa on, perfect for lounging.

— You can create a full TV entertainment cabinet, designed to hold everything from DVDs to gaming systems.

It’s your room, so you can design it as you wish.

The bonus is that you’ll have your old living room at the end of the process, so you can turn it into another room, such as a playroom or dining room, if you so wish.

5. Kitchen Additions

Do you find that your current kitchen just isn’t big enough, and you can’t get anything done in it?

— Maybe it’s too narrow, and it’s too hard to have more than one person in there and you can’t get past each other.

— Perhaps you just want some space in there to eat as well, and right now you can’t fit a table in.

If that sounds familiar, then maybe it’s time to build a kitchen addition.

Building a new kitchen solves these problems, and again lets you design a kitchen that’s suited to your needs.

Create kitchen islands, as many cabinets as you need, and even breakfast bars if you so choose.

Design that kitchen from the ground up and make it suit you.

6. Sunroom Additions

A sunroom is perfect if you live somewhere that gets a lot of warm weather, much like the weather of Los Angeles.

They’re designed to catch that sun, creating a warm and comfortable atmosphere for you to relax in.

— Many like to put big, comfy armchairs in so they can sit in there and read.

— Others like to put a dining room table in there so they can dine in the sun.

Whatever you want to do, you can add a sunroom to your home and enjoy that sunshine.

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7. ‘Bumping Out’ Rooms

You may have read through this list and thought that yes, these are some good home addition ideas.

However, your living room or kitchen is already pretty great, you just need some more room in them.

If that sounds familiar, then maybe you’d like to ‘bump out’ the room, rather than building a whole new one.

This is the process of extending a room, making it larger than it was before.

If you have space on the property around your home, there’s no reason why you couldn’t do this.

Bump out that room and give yourself some extra room to play with.


These are just a few home addition ideas if you’re looking at adapting your home to suit your needs.

Why move house, when you can add on a room and make it perfect for you?

Talk to Skyline Construction and Remodeling today to see what you can do with your home.